Businesses have lots of exposure today — make sure your business and your employees are protected.

Business can be risky and complicated, make sure your insurance plan isn’t. We can customize a comprehensive policy to make sure you’re covered in the event of an accident, illness, lawsuit or any other unforeseen event. MacCallum Group offers a variety of Business Insurance coverages to make sure you can focus solely on your business without worry.

Business Coverage Options

General Liability

General Liability coverage protects your business from accidents with customers on and off site. It provides support with medical expenses, attorney fees and general damages.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability covers your business from lawsuits such as error and omission, as well as lawsuits claiming you were negligent while providing services. Malpractice suits are common instances where this is needed.

Business Owner’s Policy

Business Owner’s policies combine protection from all major property and liability risk into a single policy. It’s a single package policy that generally cover items like buildings and personal business property.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation protects businesses against employees injured due to workplace conditions. It covers medical expenses and lost wages for those who cannot work due to an on-the-job injury.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property coverage ensures your building, equipment, inventory, and furniture are protected as a result of any damage or losses from business related accidents, weather, fire or water damage.

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle insurance provides coverage to you and your employees in the case of an accident or incident where damage or injury occurs. It helps provide coverage for vehicle damage as well as medical expenses.

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Protect your business from claims of injury and negligence.

When accidents happen your business could be at risk. We unfortunately live in a world of litigation, therefore when an issue happens we want our clients to feel comfortable about having the right coverage to limit the emotional and financial damages. There are several industry specific coverages which can help minimize your expenses and risk, which include:

  • Architecture and engineering firms
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Restaurants
  • Consulting and general business
  • General offices
  • Garages and shops
Construction worker looking at plans

Is your Workers Compensation coverage sufficient?

Employees are injured everyday, in every industry. Having the right Workers Compensation coverage for your business and your employees ensures your business is protected and your employees feel confident that their best interest is in mind. In the end, having them back at work is beneficial to everyone. Our agents can help determine the right type and amounts of coverage for your business and your employees. Contact us today for more information →

Umbrella Policy – extend your coverage.

You plan for the worse, but what if someday you encounter a loss that exceeds what you thought was enough insurance coverage?

Everyday businesses who do the “right thing” suffer large losses due to lawsuits, which can award large sums of money that can devastate businesses. If you’re at risk, which most are, you need to have substantial coverage. Here are some of the benefits of having an Umbrella policy:

  • Liability coverage over and above your General and Professional policy limits.
  • Protection from claims of libel, slander, and deformation of character.
  • Protection from lawsuits resulting from damage to someone else’s property or injuries as a result of an accident.
  • Coverage for false arrest, wrongful entry, invasion of privacy and more.

Contact us for more information and make sure you are protected this year beyond your normal coverage.

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You can’t be everywhere, all of the time. Therefore, having confidence in your insurance agent and coverage can provide peace-of-mind that you and your team is protected in the event an accident occurs during work. You also protect your biggest asset, your customer.

Ready for peace-of-mind with your Insurance Agent?