Simplified insurance solutions for complicated real-life situations.

The MacCallum Group strives to provide it’s clients with the highest quality Auto, Business and Home insurance policies available while serving communities throughout Massachusetts, Florida and Rhode Island. Our model is to educate our clients on coverage options that make the most sense for their families and business, keeping them fully protected for whatever life throws at them.
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Couple driving in car

Auto Insurance

Cover you and your family behind the wheel. Coverage options go far beyond collision, just ask us.

Business men shaking hands

Business Insurance

Avoid common gaps in coverage. We have options to cover just about every aspect of your business.

Home Insurance

Protect your home this year. One of your most important investments, make sure it is properly insured.

Accidents happen − but they don’t have to stop you from living.

Understanding your coverage from day 1 helps ease your mind when life throws a curveball at you. For example, not having proper rental coverage can not only cost you a small fortune, but also interrupt your work and personal life.

Ready for an agent that can finally provide peace-of-mind insurance for your family & business?